ProPicEver since Mikey P began his music career in 2003, the 29-year-old Philly-Born rapper/ pop artist has been building his stock and making his presence known. His unique blend of pop and hip hop mixed with a beastie boys flavor, keeps his fans wanting more!

Mikey has been a member of the group, DaCav (formally DaCav5), for the past 9 years. DaCav has reached major success with their 2010 Single Release of “Dirty Style” and 2012 EP “Party Mode”. The group completed multiple spring break tours across the country and performed at countless major shows. Mikey as a member of DaCav, has shared the stage with Pitbull, Rhianna, Trey Songz Sean Kingston, Flo-Rida, Cody Simpson, Asher Roth, Jason Derulo and many more at various radio festivals. They have done this without any major record deal.

Aside from music, Mikey is a well established TV personality. With his charismatic personality, he has stared in 6 reality shows, ( including Dating Naked, American Ninja Warrior, Guinness World Records Unleased, Dancin on air, Focus Rally America & From Gs To Gents ). In 2010 Mikey was also a cast member of the movie-musical “Standing Ovation”. Mikey performed in and co-wrote 5 songs for the movie soundtrack.

Now Mikey is set to extend his reach even further, having recently signed with Talent Manger Russell Stuart, he is set to make 2015 a monumental year. Mikey is an extremely passionate individual who’s drive and resilience sets him a part of the rest. Sky’s the limit.

MTV “From G’s to Gents” (2008)
Hulu “Genuine Ken” (2010)
Hulu “Focus Rally America” (2011)
NBC & G4 “American Ninja Warrior” (2012-2014)
Tru TV “Guinness World Records Unleashed (2013)
VH1 “Dating Naked” (2014)

Standing Ovation (2010)

Super Bowl Commercial

Limelight Event Group